Collection of self-made tools that make life easier.


All stuffs here are what I use on (almost) a daily basis. Instead of spending minutes every single day to do something, I'd spend a few hours upfront and get it done in seconds in future.

WhatsApp Number Tool - Photo by Yura Fresh on Unsplash

WhatsApp Number Tool

Need to message someone? Here's a way that you can send him/her a message in seconds.

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BBQ News - Photo by Chuttersnap Gts on Unsplash

BBQ News

Nah, this isn't anything related to food, but be cautious when you drive!

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NWFB/CTB ETA - Photo by H W on Unsplash


Get to know when's your bus coming, in just a single click and no time.

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McQR - Photo by Bjorn Antonissen on Unsplash


Place order on your way and get your meal ready at the moment you step into the restaurant.

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